Development Process

In developing software, we are lead by customers requirements, needs and specifications.


Technologies We Use

Our developers are very flexible and create software for various platforms such as:

  • Web (HTML, JavaScript, React, Redux, SASS, Bootstrap, SEO, NodeJS, ExpressJS, .NET Core, Django, AWS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB)
  • Windows Desktop (WPF with C#)
  • Game Development (Unity with C#)

react React
javascript JavaScript
html HTML5
sass WPF
nodejs .NET Core
dotnet Unity
django Django
aws AWS
mysql MySQL

Meet The Developers

How We Work.

We follow agile development principles where requirements and solutions evolve through the collaborative effort of development teams and their customers. It advocates adaptive planning, early delivery, and it encourages rapid and flexible response to change which means that you will get to see your software very early and see it evolve through stages and continuous improvement until the final product is delivered.


Insight & Analysis

We begin with understanding the specific cause and effect of your project while analysing the idea.

Planning & Brainstorming

All our great minds are brought together for your benefit. Share with us your vision, fill gaps in product requirements, get the estimation and technical specification.

Design & Architecture

Steve Jobs said that design is "...not what it looks like and feels like, Design is how it works". After all the preparation steps, hard work begins.


Our developers do their magic turning the defined scope of work into code and infrastructure. Our team breaks their work into goals that can be completed within timeboxed iterations and tracks progress and in 15-minute daily meetings.

QA & Testing

The project's functionality is thoroughly tested continuously within an iteration.


Your project is ready for its first customer.

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